About the Book

Between 1928 and 1929 silent movies slipped away and “talkies” took over theaters around the world.  Movie producers rushed to carve their names on the revolution, pushing aside the scientist who invented the tools that transformed the industry.

Now We’re Talking … The Story of Theodore W. Case and Sound-on-Film 2nd Edition is the exciting biography of Ted Case (1888 – 1944).  In a backyard laboratory in Auburn, New York, Case discovered a way for sound and action to be synchronized on moving film and then replayed as a natural illusion.

The book looks at Ted’s fascination with light and sound waves at Yale University and his top-secret work during World War I.  It follows his rise to the pinnacle of motion pictures and exposes the business deals of movie moguls that deprived him of recognition and his life’s legacy.

The story of Theodore W. Case, one of the great inventors of the 20th century, has now been told.

image161Ted Case
Yale 1912


Excerpt from the Book:

January 21, 1927…The Evening Graphic reviewed the debut:

Movietone is an improvement on anything of its kind yet attempted.  It records the voice more perfectly than any other system and is the result of experimentation by Theodore W. Case, who evolved the method of photographing sound waves on a strip of motion picture film.